Media and Entertainment


We work with media and entertainment companies to adapt to these trends today and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.


Our Media and Entertainment BU helps broadcast, publishing, and entertainment organizations innovate and stay ahead of the market. Whether it’s identifying new opportunities for increasing revenue and reducing cost; implementing a new business process and solution for an operational and content management system; or building and operating a digital supply chain solution, you can depend on our experts.

HTTL (Hospitality, Travel, Transport & Logistics):

Our HTTL BU helps our client in adapting cutting edge technologies with our expertise in this domain. We have more than 8000 man hour’s expertise in helping our client develop innovative tools/solutions which has helped them to reduce cost and stay focused in their key business.

Government: Our Federal and State Govt. practice focuses on helping government to leverage our resources who has many man hours helping various govt. agencies in utilizing best IT practices which help them be at par with private entity.

Energy& Utilities: New technology, smarter grids and fundamentally changing business models are creating new challenges – and opportunities. We are helping our clients from complex solutions like Grid and Smart meter to payroll and HR best practice so they reserve their resource to stay focused on developing lead cutting technologies.